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Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill

Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill

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If you're bored with fondue parties, try having a raclette party instead. It may seem like some trendy new thing, but a raclette actually originated in the Swiss Alps and is an old European tradition just finding its way here. Well, now you can host your own raclette with this cool new Swissmar Stelvio Raclette.

At a raclette party, simply gather up to eight guests around this little tabletop grill. As you drink and socialize around it, each guest cooks up their food on top and then dips it in their very own cheese tray below. It features a granite-stone grill top for grilling small pieces of meat, seafood, vegetables, or sandwiches and underneath it lets you melt your favorite cheeses in eight separate trays. It's not only fun for cooking with friends and family, you can even use the grill for cooking eggs, pancakes, and crepes as well.

The Swissmar Stelvio Raclette features 1200 watts of power for fast heating, stay-cool handles, variable heat control, and includes eight heat-resistant spatulas and raclette dishes and a free raclette recipe book. After the party, the grill's stainless-steel base wipes clean and the dishes, spatulas, and reversible grill top can go in the dishwasher for quick cleanup!

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Camp Chef Keg Roaster - Drunken Chickens & Turkey!
Beer can chicken roasting has become pretty popular lately and that's because it's delicious and it's so much easier to clean up than deep-frying, plus it's just fun to cram a can of beer up a bird's keister. Well I think it's time to go even bigger and just roast them in a keg. That's the idea behind the cool Camp Chef Keg Roaster, not only can you roast up to 3 chickens at once, you could also do a turkey as well.
Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt
Not only will the Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt make you look like an gunfighter in a showdown on a dusty street at high noon, it will help you to be the fastest quick draw burger flipper in the West... or East... or whatever suburb you're in. This cool grilling utensil belt holds a knife, spatual and tongs and stores them in plastic dishwasher-safe lock and load sheaths within the holsters. What's great is that you have the tools you need close by when dueling with steaks and chops and you keep the messy utensils off the table.
GRILLIGHT - LED Light Spatula and Tong BBQ Grilling Tools
These handy stainless steel grilling tools have super bright LED flashlights built into the handles to light up the entire grill and are even designed to mimic the spectrum of the afternoon sun so you can see the true color of your food.
Ooni Koda 16 - Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven Bakes in Only 60 Seconds!
Forget trying to choke down cheap frozen pizzas or waiting for the pizza delivery dude to drop off an average (at best), over-priced pie and just bake your own gourmet, stone-baked pizzas at home in mere seconds when you fire up this cool new Ooni Koda 16 Portable Pizza Oven.
Layered Logs Fire Pit / Grill
A heavy-duty elevated steel fire pit with a swing in grill grate top and a sturdy base with built-in log storage.
Squid Bottle Baster Brush
Combines a squeeze bottle sauce dispenser, silicone basting brush, and cute little squid all-in-one.
Giant Cast Iron Seashell Pan - Grill and Serve Up All Types of Seafood
A giant seashell-shaped cast iron pan that's perfect for grilling / serving up all types of seafood like clams, mussels, oysters, vegetables, fillets, and more.
Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster
When you combine elements of extreme terror, unpronounceable galactic monsters and delicious roasting hot dogs on the grill, you get something curiously awesome like this Cthulhu Hot Dog Roaster!
Outset Wood Chip Soaker
If you plan on adding flavorful, aromatic wood smoke to grilled foods, then properly soak your wood chips ahead of time in the easiest way possible.

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Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
Create a whipped, frozen beer foam to place on top of an ice cold brew to form a fun little ice cap / beer head that keeps the beer below super cold and insulated from the outside.
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
Don't spend your entire time making drinks for everyone at parties, just bring out the cool new Margaritaville Mixed Drink Machine to automatically mix up to 48 different, perfectly proportioned cocktails with ease!
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
The world's first 3D food printer that can print out tasty, edible pancakes in any design you can dream up.
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
No proper mansion, yacht, office break room, or mysterious supervillain volcano lair is complete without a full-sized vending machine that dispenses Champagne at the touch of a button.
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
Check out this cool new Roll Bar - Mobile Refrigerator. Once unplugged from an AC/DC power source, it will keep up to 57 cans cold for 5 hours!
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
Like a single-serve coffee machine, now you can make cocktails automatically on-demand with this cocktail making machine that whips up 40+ cocktails with ease.
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
This rolling snow cone factory is just like the classic ones found at beaches, parks, and zoos and can produce up to 8 snow cones at a time.
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
Like a large vending machine, this miniaturized one has 4 selection buttons that eject a chilled beverage can of your choice.
Swissmar Stelvio Raclette - Granite Stone Party Grill
An extremely precise, sleek, and simple automatic filter brewer designed by world champion barista Tim Wendelboe to produce the most flavorful coffee in a short amount of time.

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