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Kalorik Smart Oven - Microwave, Steamer, Convection

Kalorik Smart Oven - Microwave, Steamer, Convection

Kalorik Smart Oven - Microwave, Steamer, Convection

The cool new Kalorik Smart Oven combines a microwave, steamer and convection oven into the ultimate all-in-one oven that browns, bakes, broils, crisps, steams and microwaves. This high-tech interactive oven lets you easily cook and sear steaks, toast sandwiches, bake cakes, brown casseroles, roast roasts, pop popcorn, steam vegetables, bake fish and more. It features an 800-watt microwave with 5 power levels, an 800-watt super fast steam generator and a 1500-watt convection oven with 7 power levels, a rear fan for better performance and even an overhead broiler. It's the ultimate appliance for cooking a wide range of flavorful, healthy meals, while retaining food's moisture, unlike most microwaves.

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  • Healthy cooking combination oven: microwave, steamer, convection
  • All-in-one: Browns, bakes, broils, crisps, steams, microwaves
  • 800-watt microwave has 5 power levels
  • 800-watt super fast steam generator
  • 1500-watt convection oven has 7 power levels with rear fan
  • Overhead broiler for searing meats, toasting sandwiches, or browning casseroles
  • Removable water reservoir for steaming
  • Stainless steel, LED Display, child safety lock, rotating glass tray, nylon egg tray
  • Steam cleans itself for easy maintenance
  • Size: 22" x 16.5" x 21.7" - 25 lbs

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