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Selfie Toaster

Selfie Toaster

Selfie Toaster

Just because you're making toast in the morning doesn't mean that you need to stop obsessively taking selfies like a crazed narcissist, because this cool new Selfie Toaster now exists. Yep, now you can burn a picture of yourself onto a slice of bread anytime you need to feed your ego. After purchase, just upload a high-resolution digital selfie to the manufacturer's website and in a couple of weeks two custom stainless steel heating inserts will be sent to you with your facial features crafted into them. The only downside is you can't upload the selfie toast to social media sites, but you could take an usie with it and then upload that. #vanity

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  • Toaster that brands its owner’s image onto a slice of toast
  • Uses custom heating inserts crafted from a submitted headshot photograph
  • Subject‘s full facial details are converted into twin removable stainless steel inserts
  • Inserts will be sent separately approx. 2 weeks after you upload a high-resolution digital image
  • Size: 10.25" L x 6" W x 7” H - 2.25 lbs

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