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Cat Food Bowl With Ears

Cat Food Bowl With Ears

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Your cat probably won't be very amused by these cool new Cat Food Bowls With Ears, but you'll be. These whimsical food bowls are handmade by potter Lauren Sumner in her studio in Raleigh, North Carolina from Earthy-brown clay that is glazed with color on the inside and left unglazed on the outside to show off the clay. They also make fun candy bowls, loose change holders, jewelry dishes, or holders for whatever you can think of. I'm kind of surprised no one thought to put pointy ears on a cat food bowl before, but thankfully it now exists.

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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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Cat Food Bowl With Ears
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