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Molded Tree Stump Silver Leaf Bowl

Molded Tree Stump Silver Leaf Bowl

This cool new Tree Stump Silver Leaf Bowl is a decorative bowl molded from a real tree stump using a highly refractory ceramic called magnesia (magnesium oxide) with a hand-applied silver leaf finish. The molding process retains all of the tree stump's ridges and knots from the wood and bark for a realistic appearance. Perfect for the kitchen countertop, as a dining room table centerpiece, or just as a decorative sculpture anywhere you wish.


  • Molded from a genuine tree trunk and given a hand-applied silver leaf finish
  • Ceramic silver bowl has all of the ridges, knots, and textures of a real tree
  • Hand-applied silver leaf that gives it its shining silvery finish
  • Crafted using magnesia, a common name used for magnesium oxide, a highly refractory ceramic material
  • Size: 10" W x 12" H x 9" D

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