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Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture

Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture

Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture

Just when you though it was safe to venture into your backyard... suddenly, a cool new Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture rises up from the lawn to strike terror in all who gaze upon it or at least cause them to do a double take, chuckle, and walk off wishing they had one for their yard.

This monstrous lawn sculpture from designer Chris Crooks is three separate pieces (head, body, and tail) that stake down into the ground to create the illusion of it "swimming" through the blades of grass. Each sea serpent is handmade in Arizona from 8 gauge mild steel with the tentacles, scales, and other details all hand bent and shaped to give it dimensionality.

Note: It may or may not attack garden gnomes at night, so if they go missing, they're either on vacation or ended up as the main course.

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  • Designer: Chris Crooks
  • Extravagant, three-part denizen of the deep adds a dramatic statement to green spaces
  • Tentacles, scales, and other dragon-like details are hand bent and shaped to give the piece added ferocity and dimensionality
  • Steel segments affixed with mounting brackets that hold two, 6" stakes (six stakes included)
  • Materials: 8 Gauge Mild Steel, 60D Nails
  • Handmade in Arizona
  • Rust patina will become darker and richer with age
  • Head: 19.5" W x 24" H x 4" D
  • Body: 22.5" W x 17" H x 4" D
  • Tail: 13" W x 18" H x 4" D

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