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Kami Wood Cups

Kami Wood Cups

You see plenty of paper cups in the world, but you never really see many wooden cups for some reason. That all changes now, because finally you can sip your beverages in rustic style from these cool new Kami Wood Cups from designer Hidetoshi Takahashi. These unique cups are handcrafted at the Takahashi Kougei wood workshop in Hokkaido, Japan from castor aralia wood that is shaped down to 2 mm thick and then coated with a food-grade polyurethane to seal it. They are available in tall or medium cups and bowls too.


  • Designer: Hidetoshi Takahashi
  • Kami means paper in Japanese
  • Made of castor aralia wood coated with food-grade polyurethane
  • Meticulously shaped down to 2 mm thickness using manual methods
  • Handcrafted at the Takahashi Kougei wood workshop in Hokkaido, Japan
  • Available in bowls, tall cups, and medium cups

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