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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!

CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!

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If you love cereal, but cannot find the time in the morning to sit down for this one "part of a complete breakfast", then check out out this cool new CrunchCup. This portable, one-handed cereal cup keeps the cereal and milk separated to prevent sogginess and then combines the two right inside your mouth as you take a drink - no spoon required! It features a reusable, dual-chamber design that can be used with one hand, allows milk flow control by putting your finger on the air hole or by partially covering milk spout with your lower lip, and holds up to 12 oz of milk and one official serving of dry cereal. A great way to drink your cereal in the car, at the office, on the train, on a school bus, while taking a stroll, or just about anywhere you wish you could consume cereal at.

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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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CrunchCup - Portable Cereal Cup - No Spoon Required!
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