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Microwave Bowl Huggers

Microwave Bowl Huggers

Microwave Bowl Huggers

Tired of burning your hands pulling hot bowls out of the microwave? Then simply place them in these cool new Microwave Bowl Huggers first before microwaving. This set of four polyester bowl huggers allow you to easily handle screaming hot bowls without burning your hands, double as trivets when serving up food, fit most bowl sizes, and can be tossed in the washing machine afterwards. The perfect solution for microwave soup lovers who like to stand and hold the bowl while eating.

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  • Set of 4 Microwave Bowl Huggers
  • Handle hot bowls without burning your hands
  • Can be safely pulled right out of the microwave when grabbed by the edges
  • Can also be used as trivets and can hold most bowl sizes
  • Throw into the washing machine for convenient cleaning
  • Polyester
  • Size: 7" Square x 4" H

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