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Vertical Garden Post

Vertical Garden Post

Vertical Garden Post

If you love container gardening, but wish you could save even more space, plus make it mobile, then check out this cool new My Garden Post. This unique, space-saving planter not only grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs vertically in less than 2 square feet, it also easily rolls on 5 caster wheels if you need to move it or rotate it towards the sun. Best of all, no weeding and you can tend and harvest standing up.

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  • Grow Vegetables and Flowers in a Vertical Garden
  • Grow a garden in less than 2 square feet
  • Reduces the space you need to grow beautiful flowers and productive vegetables and herbs
  • Eliminates the clutter of containers
  • Easy to plant, tend and harvest
  • Five planters sit securely on one post
  • Rolls easily on 5 casters

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