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Japanese Tatami Mat Cat Bed

Japanese Tatami Mat Cat Bed

Japanese Tatami Mat Cat Bed

I've noticed that the big fluffy cat beds are more for the pet owner's idea of comfort than what the cat actually wants to snooze on. The lazy office cat around here at Headquarters tends to prefer coarser materials to flop down on like a rug, anything canvas, or a broken down cardboard box. Well, that's kinda the idea behind this cool new Tatami Cat Bed from Japan. I've never slept upon a flat woven Japanese tatami mat, but I hear they're quite comfortable, especially if you have a bad back. This one is sized for a cat. It features natural tatami materials, a karakusa pattern along the border, and a little pillow for resting its head. Perfect for cat naps in the warm summer months or anytime, meaning most of the time.

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  • Japanese-style tatami mat for a cat
  • Perfect way for your feline friend to relax during the summer
  • Cute yet traditional style of karakusa pattern along the border as well as a cat face
  • Little pillow for resting its head during those long and lazy afternoons
  • Natural materials
  • Made from Japanese tatami
  • Size: 26" x 18" x 3"

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