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Luxurious Gatsby Cat House

Luxurious Gatsby Cat House

Luxurious Gatsby Cat House

This cool new Gatsby Cat House is more like a luxurious cat command center for furry felines to plan out vicious pounce attacks, take extended cat naps, sit and stare at you for hours from higher ground, avoid the family dog, and just generally burn out their curiosity as they explore around the three levels. Like a dog house, but bigger, this immense cat house can provide outdoor cats shelter from the elements or give a proper retreat for indoor cats embarrassed to be seen on the traditional hideous carpeted cat tree thing. It features plenty of floors to explore, perches to sit upon, doors to enter, and access ports for humans to gain access for cleaning and it's constructed from solid wood with a waterproof finish along with asphalt shingles. Yeah, your cat still won't thank you, because gifting a cat palace like this is just sort of expected to them.

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  • Ideal for outdoor felines who need a place to retreat for a good night sleep or to stay dry on raining nights
  • Crafted from solid wood
  • Composite asphalt shingles
  • Three levels for your furry friend to explore.
  • Weatherproof finish perfect for the outdoors
  • Location: Indoor / Outdoor Use
  • Water-Resistant
  • Able to withstand direct sunlight
  • Size: 45.5'' H x 34.25'' W x 25'' L

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