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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera

Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera

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Want to study marine life up close, inspect a boat or anchor below the waterline, search for sunken pirate treasure, or just make fun underwater videos without needing to dive down deep into the water, then check out the cool new Aquabotix HydroView Sport. This high tech, remote-operated video camera/submarine sends and records live HD video to an iPad from 100' underwater.

An app on your iPad connects via wi-fi to a topside receiver that communicates with the submarine below using a 100' video cable tether (also great for pulling it back up when a pesky octopus tries to steal it). It features electric thrust and lift propellers for forward/backward (5 kts forward; 1 kt reverse), left/right, and up/down movement all controlled with the iPad's motion sensors or virtual touchscreen joystick. The app also has camera controls and displays realtime depth, heading, battery level, and temperature data as well. The HD camera captures 1280 x 720 resolution footage (1280 x 800 for still images), 8 adjustable-intensity LEDs can be used to illuminate its surroundings, and it can operate for up to 2 hours on a 16 hour charge. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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Aquabotix HydroView Sport - Remote Underwater HD Video Camera
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