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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot

Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot

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This cool new Moorebot Scout is a tiny, AI-powered mobile patrol robot that is designed to keep a vigilant eye on your home, business, or workplace while you're away. It uses advanced sensors and smart AI algorithms to automatically patrol and monitor pre-programmed paths and then send alerts to your smartphone if it senses anything amiss. It's kind of like having your own personal security guard scouting your premises 24/7, with no blind spots, and it can even track, follow, and play with your pets to keep them entertained. Yep, it also gives you full control of where it goes right from your smartphone.

This advanced roving security sentinel features four wheel drive, omnidirectional mecanum wheels that allow it to move in any direction, two-way audio conversation support, human vs pet AI detection, Alexa and Google Home voice control support, a WiFi direct mode that doesn't require internet for extra privacy and security, an HD camera, auto-returns to its base for recharges, open-source code for advanced developers to write additional software, and it's even capable of accepting 3D printed add-on tools.

So, it's perfect for additional security and peace of mind, doubles as a mini robot toy for exploration, and serves as a reliable robo-sitter to monitor, interact with, and play with your dog or entertain your lazy cat while you're away at work or on a trip. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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Moorebot Scout - Tiny AI-Powered Mobile Patrol Robot
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