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Secure Mail Vault - Keyless Locking Mailbox

Secure Mail Vault - Keyless Locking Mailbox

Secure Mail Vault - Keyless Locking Mailbox

Worried about identity theft, nosey neighbors and thieves, or even baseball bats messing up your postal experience? Then mount this cool new Secure Mail Vault in place of the insecure and wimpy traditional mailbox. This hardcore and virtually indestructible mailbox is designed to keep your mail safe and secure from theft, vandalism, and weather.

Once envelopes, magazines, or small packages the height of a box of checks enter the chute via your friendly neighborhood postal worker, they remain secured down inside a dead-bolted vault that can only be accessed by the electronic keypad or included mechanical key - prying hands can't reach in. It's constructed from 14-gauge, powder-coated steel and features two steel dead bolts and a flag that alerts there's outgoing mail in a slot in between the exterior door and the vault.

A great solution that also offers peace-of-mind to vacationers or anyone who travels frequently since the vault can hold a week's worth of envelopes. Check out the video demo below to see it in action.

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  • Steel mailbox that prevents theft by storing mail inside a dead-bolted vault
  • 14-gauge, powder-coated steel door
  • Locks with two steel dead bolts
  • Electronic keypad
  • Includes mechanical key for dual entry
  • Chute easily accommodates magazines or a box of checks (but thwarts prying hands)
  • Interior holds a week's worth of envelopes
  • Approved by the United States Postal Service
  • Flag alerts couriers to outbound mail, which remains accessible between the exterior door and the vault
  • Includes detailed instructions for installing the pole and the mailbox
  • Virtually indestructible - weather, vandalism, tampering and even an occasional blow from a baseball bat
  • Colors: black or white
  • Size: 44" H x 12 1/3" W x 21" D - 55 lbs

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