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Privacy Pillow

Privacy Pillow

Privacy Pillow

The cool new Privacy Pillow may appear to be a regular bed pillow, but it actually contains a secret compartment inside to discretely stash away valuables, private things, self-defense items, important documents, or whatever you want that fits. It features a patent leather compartment with a clasp that snaps open and shut to keep items secured inside, a custom rolled poly fill so you can sleep without detecting the items inside, and a washable cotton finish exterior. It works great as a pillow, great as a secret safe, but it's not recommended for hiding teeth from the Tooth Fairy or loading it up with loose change for devastating pillow fight victories.

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  • A personal pillow that is useful as a secret safe
  • Secret compartment to safely hold your valuables and private items
  • Hidden entry point features a patented safety seal that keeps items in the pillow regardless of movement
  • Soft Touch Brushed Polyester Cover
  • Size: standard sized bed pillow

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