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The Kitchen Safe - Time Locking Container

The Kitchen Safe - Time Locking Container

The Kitchen Safe - Time Locking Container

The cool new Kitchen Safe locks up your most tempting items that you have no willpower to resist in a secure, heavy duty, and time-locked vault with no overrides from 1 minute to 10 days. Here's some examples:

Can't stop munching on snacks? Put them in the safe.

Can't stop smoking? Put them in the safe.

Can't stop using your smartphone? Put it in the safe.

Can't stop taking involuntary selfies every 2 seconds? Put it in the safe.

Kids need a time out? Put fill-in-the-blank gadget in the safe.

Drinking tonight? Put your car keys in the safe.

Need to keep a gift hidden? Put it in the safe.

Do you see the possibilities here? This thing could be a total life changer. I might even get one just to curb my crazed pistachio addiction. They're so good...

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  • Build good habits by locking temptations in the Kitchen
  • Simply place an item in the Kitchen Safe, rotate the dial to set the time, and press the dial to activate the lock
  • Once locked, it cannot be opened until the timer reaches zero - No overrides!
  • Built from thick, sturdy, high quality, BPA free materials
  • Container walls are very rigid and 3X thicker than typical containers
  • Large, high contrast display shows the amount of time remaining
  • Locking mechanism is driven by a high quality motor
  • Lock Timer: between 1 minute to 10 days
  • Batteries last 6 to 12 months

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