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Himitsu-Bako Japanese Puzzle Box

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Himitsu-Bako Japanese Puzzle Box

This Himitsu-Bako Japanese Puzzle Box will keep your small valuables mildly secure when placed inside, but only if you can figure out how to open it first. This handcrafted wooden box from Japan is made with different pieces of smooth colored wood to create intricate mosaics and geometric patterns that not only look nice, they conceal secret hinges and seams that keep the box locked up tight. It only takes 12 moves to unlock it... good luck.


  • Handcrafted Himitsu-Bako - a traditional Japanese puzzle box
  • Requires 12 secret moves to open
  • Smooth and lacquered on the outside, the box's geometric patterns conceal its hinges and seams
  • Can hold a watch, rings, or other prized possessions
  • Imported from Japan
  • Size: 4.75" L x 3" W x 2" D - 5 oz

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