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Pencil Shavings Candle

Pencil Shavings Candle

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Nothing takes your mind back in time faster than a strangely familiar scent. Back in your old school days, do you remember that distinctive scent of freshly sharpened pencils when you entered a classroom? That unique pencil shavings scent will either fill you with a sense of wondrous memories of school and learning or most likely a total sense of dread. Either way, now you can re-experience that scented sense of nostalgia once again when you light up this cool new Pencil Shavings Candle. This fun soy wax candle smells just like sharpened pencils with notes of shaved cedar and pencil lead. Perfect for students going back to school, bored teachers in the summer months, or anyone who misses taking surprise tests that weren't studied for, procrastinating forever on reports, and doing endless homework late into the wee hours of the night.

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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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Pencil Shavings Candle
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