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Lock Pick Gun - Never Get Locked Out of Your Home Again!

Lock Pick Gun - Never Get Locked Out of Your Home Again!

Lock Pick Gun - Never Get Locked Out of Your Home Again!

No matter whether you're a professional cat burglar looking to sharpen their lock-picking skills for fun or just a frustrated homeowner who got locked out of their home once again and doesn't want to pay an expensive locksmith to regain access, then keep one of these cool new Lock Pick Guns on hand. This handy tool will help you learn the valuable skill of picking a lock with ease... legally of course! It includes the lock pick gun that acts like an automated bump key, 2 straight picking needles, 1 offset picking needle, and 1 double-ended picking needle and is able to open most Master (M1), Schlage (SC1) and Kwikset (KW1) keyways. A much cheap alternative to throwing a rock through your own window and works much easier than the old shimmying a credit card trick seen in every movie.

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  • Knowing how to pick a lock is a valuable skill everyone should have under their belt
  • We all lose keys while still needing to gain access to our spaces
  • Forget about calling a locksmith or paying an expensive re-keying fee in favor of doing it yourself
  • Works on most Master (M1), Schlage (SC1) and Kwikset (KW1) keyways
  • Functions much like an automated bump key
  • 2 straight picking needles
  • 1 offset picking needle
  • 1 double-ended picking needle
  • Stainless Steel
  • For legal purposes only!!!

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