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Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker

Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker

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When you need your coffee and there are no outlets to plug in a coffee maker and no nearby drive-thrus, then check out this cool new Makita Coffee Maker. Just slide a compatible Makita 18-volt / 12-volt battery from one of their power tools onto this cordless drip coffee maker and brew up a cup wherever you may roam. It can brew up to three cups of coffee on a single charge, has a permanent drip filter that requires no paper filters, uses either ground coffee or coffee pouches, is lightweight and compact, and automatically turns off if it runs out of water. It's perfect for construction sites, workers out in the field, camping trips, power outages, and more.

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Drip Snagger
Innovative drip tray slips over the spigot of almost any large coffee urn or beverage dispenser and catches all the drips in five anti-spill pockets in bottom of unit!
Grow Your Own Coffee Beans
This unique greenhouse planter comes with everything you need to start growing your very own coffee plants and eventually coffee beans that you can actually roast, grind and brew!
Jiva Instant Coffee Cubes
These individually wrapped granulated instant coffee cubes are sourced from the mountains of the famed Ocamonte region in Colombia and quickly dissolve in either hot or iced water.
To-Go Paper Coffee Cup Warmer
This mini cup warmer snugly fits beneath most to-go paper coffee cups from home or coffee shops and can reach temperatures up to 200 degrees F in just seconds.
Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker
Just fill with water, add your favorite fine ground coffee to the filter, and place it on the stove for a few minutes until the espresso flows into your cup.
Best Morning Ever Coffee Mug with Heat-Preserving Lid / Warming Plate
This unique ceramic mug helps your morning coffee or tea stay hotter longer than a regular mug and it's built-in lid doubles as a warming plate for donuts, muffins, cookies, scones, and more.
Minibru - French Press Coffee Mug
An ingenious French press single serve coffee mug, so you don't have to brew a whole pot.
Silicone Espresso Cups
These unique little espresso cups have hand-dipped porcelain tops, removable silicone bottoms with a ridged grip, and come in retina-searing neon orange or aqua or just a simple subdued grey.
Bowler Hat Sugar Bowl
When adding a spoonful of sugar to your tea or coffee, do it in a more sophisticated gentlemanly way using this dashing two-piece black bowler hat sugar bowl.

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Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
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Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
Wind up and store away a long extension cord or plug other power cables into the built-in grounded outlets and then unwind the exact amount of cord you'll need.
Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
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Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
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Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
This single tool effortlessly opens six different types of seals and lids, like bags, safety seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, bottle tops and jar lids!
Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
This spring, get your garden planted with all the right tools at hand with no endless trips back and forth to the garage required when you roll out this cool new {LINK}Mobile Garden Tool Storage Caddy.
Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
This premium felling axe holds the sharpest, strongest edge in the world.
Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
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Makita Portable Cordless Coffee Maker
A hardcore aluminum snow shovel with a unique built-in serrated edge for easily breaking up pesky ice build-up without damaging the pavement.

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