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Covert - Magnetic Security Drawer Latch

Covert - Magnetic Security Drawer Latch

Covert - Magnetic Security Drawer Latch

The cool new Quirky Covert is a clever magnetic security latch that keeps drawers secured from young children or anyone who doesn't understand the principles of magnetism. Just install on a drawer or cabinet door and swipe the included magnetic key on the outside to lock or unlock the inner sliding latch. A very simple and non-obvious solution to drawer security

It's still in the development phase over at, but I can definitely see this inventive idea going into production soon enough.

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  • Magnetic latch locks drawers closed and stays out of sight, so only you know it’s there
  • Comes with adhesive tape and screws, for temporary and permanent mounting options
  • Magnetic latch comes in 2 pieces
  • Magnetic key can be taken with you or stored for security
  • Smooth sliding latch makes it easy to lock and unlock your drawer
  • Materials: Magnets, ABS plastic, Adhesive strips, Metal screws

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