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Crealev LOS #1 - Levitating Lamp

Crealev LOS #1 - Levitating Lamp

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When you flip on the power to the cool new LOS #1, you'll experience a gravity-defying fusion of the past, present and future of lighting. At first it may seem like a classic table lamp, but then you'll notice the lampshade is actually floating in the air - push it down and it rises right back up into place. This is no illusion, this high-tech, futuristic lamp by designer Angela Jansen uses LED-lighting, in combination with the reflection of a mirror, and a state-of-the-art levitation technology by Crealev to achieve the double-take inducing effect. Now I want a levitating coffee table, sofa and coasters!

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While it may look like a real bottle of colorful mystical mana that's sure to help you power up in a fantasy role playing video game, the effect of this enchanted illuminated elixir is created by color-changing LEDs that you control with a tap on the base of the bottle
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Ion Audio Patio Mate - Umbrella Light and Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
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Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
This modern table lamp has an interior lamp inside a handblown crystal diffusor bulb that is adjustable by moving a magnet on the outside.
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
Falling grains of sand just make a pile of sand, but the falling magnetic iron filings in this hourglass pile into ever-changing artistic patterns.
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
A double-take-inducing table lamp that has a light bulb that not only defies gravity by floating in midair, it also appears to illuminate without any cords attached.
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
Shake a kite or drone from a tree, pull a frisbee off the roof, retrieve fallen metallic items, or even anchor a small boat with this mini grappling hook tool.
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
Set of three decorative magnets shaped like royal wax seals, minus the hot wax, and are much more regal than typical fridge magnets!
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
A modern table lamp with an elliptical frame that illuminates from within when the bottom corded sphere is raised to magnetically connect to the top hanging sphere and turns off simply by pulling the levitating spheres apart.
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
This super soft and absorbent bamboo and organic cotton kitchen towel has a handy strong magnet embedded in one corner allowing you to stick it to the oven, the fridge, or any other metal objects.
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
Stylish wooden key and letter holder that magically holds up keys with no visible means of support!
Crealev LOS #1 -  Levitating Lamp
Amazing putty is made with micron-sized iron-based particles distributed throughout that can attract to or repel from an included powerful Neodymium magnet or even take on the properties of a magnet itself after charging up!

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