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Crealev LOS #1 - Levitating Lamp

Crealev LOS #1 - Levitating Lamp

Crealev LOS #1 - Levitating Lamp

When you flip on the power to the cool new LOS #1, you'll experience a gravity-defying fusion of the past, present and future of lighting. At first it may seem like a classic table lamp, but then you'll notice the lampshade is actually floating in the air - push it down and it rises right back up into place. This is no illusion, this high-tech, futuristic lamp by designer Angela Jansen uses LED-lighting, in combination with the reflection of a mirror, and a state-of-the-art levitation technology by Crealev to achieve the double-take inducing effect. Now I want a levitating coffee table, sofa and coasters!

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  • Designer: Angela Jansen
  • Unique levitating technology by Crealev
  • Old classical lamp in contrast with modern technology
  • Uses LED-lighting, in combination with reflection of a mirror, and our levitation technology to create a floating lamp

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