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Levitron Revolution - Levitate Your Stuff!

Levitron Revolution - Levitate Your Stuff!

Levitron Revolution - Levitate Your Stuff!

With the cool new Levitron Revolution you can finally levitate and display your favorite stuff in mid-air! This magnetic platform lets you perpetually float and rotate nearly any small object up to 3-4 oz with 8 brilliant blue LED lights illuminating it from underneath. It comes with the cliched world globe to float around, but you can also use the removable magnetic platform to float anything, like your Marty McFly on a hoverboard action figure, Blade Runner Spinner toy car, a small hamster, etc. Lot's of fun possibilities with this. Let us know in the Comments what you would love to float around!



  • See your favorite collectibles float in space
  • Magnet platform rotates as it hovers.
  • 8 Blue LED lights illuminate the floating object
  • Maximum capacity of magnetic platform: 3 oz.
  • Includes: Base (stage) unit, globe with removable platform, AC adaptor, and instructions
  • Size: approx 2.25" diameter x 0.5" thick

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