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Magnetie - Reversible Magnetic Neckties

Magnetie - Reversible Magnetic Neckties

Magnetie - Reversible Magnetic Neckties

It's the 21st century and we're still wearing neckties for some reason, but the cool new Magnetie is at least a modern upgrade. This innovative 100% silk necktie is not only reversible, giving you two ties in one, it also has rare Earth magnets embedded inside to keep the tie tail behind the tie no matter the remaining length. Every tie also includes a handy small metal disk that when worn behind the shirt, attracts the magnets in the tie to act like a tie clip. The only downside is to avoid paperclips and the fridge door in the breakroom at the office.

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  • 100% silk necktie with a tie tail that stays in place without a tie bar or tie tack
  • Rare Earth magnets inside keep the tie tail behind the tie regardless of the length of tail remaining after tying
  • Eliminates the sloppy necktie syndrome
  • Solves the issue of not having enough necktie tail to reach the tie loop once tied
  • Reversible Magnetic Tie expands your wardrobe and reduces luggage space in half by being two ties in one
  • Includes: small metal disk that attracts tie to shirt
  • Size: 59" L

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