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Reversible Noose Tie

Reversible Noose Tie

Reversible Noose Tie

Depending on your mood at the office, the cool new Reversible Noose Tie has you covered. One side features a normal professional black tie and on the other a morbid print of a deadly rope noose. It's perfect for letting others know how your day is going. If it's going smoothly, just leave it down in normal mode and give everyone a wink and a smile, but if it's getting worse by the minute, simply pull the tie up high and let everyone visually know you've had it. You can also just wear the tie with the noose side out as a satirical smartass commentary on typical men's attire. This macabre yet funny tie is for fashionable entertainment purposes only.

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  • Professional on one side and deadly noose print on the other
  • 100% polyester
  • Please Note: For wearing only - no hanging. We'd miss you.
  • Size: 57.5" L

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