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Exuvius Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays

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Exuvius Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays

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When you need to keep your shirt collars looking extra sharp and professional, sure you can use regular collar stays, but if you're a secret agent that needs to be well-dressed and fully prepared, you'll need these cool new Exuvius Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays instead. These luxurious 100% Titanium collar stays are non-magnetic, stiffer than stainless steel, TSA- and iron-friendly, and they also have secret integrated tools built right in like a half-Phillips screwdriver, a slotted screwdriver, a thread cutter, and a bottle opener. They fit all spread, wide spread, close spread, and semi-spread collars. Let them do their job in your shirt collars or keep them conveniently on your keychain in between formal occasions and you'll always be prepared to tighten some screws, eliminate a few loose ends, er, threads, and open bottles whenever the moment arises.


  • Distributed in SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) Kits around the world
  • Set of 4 (2 pairs)
  • 100% Titanium (non-magnetic and TSA-friendly)
  • Fits all spread, wide spread, close spread, and semi-spread collars
  • Integrated tools: half-phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, thread cutter, bottle opener
  • Keychain hole
  • Conveniently fix gadgets, eliminate loose threads, and open bottles at a moment's notice
  • These featherweight titanium collar stays keep your collar looking sharp, and are virtually indestructible
  • Stiffer than stainless steel
  • Very lightweight (0.4oz)
  • Size: 2.5" L x 5/16" W x 1/8" D

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