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KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool

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The cool new KeyTool Keyring Multi-Tool stashes eight handy mini-tools around one of your keys. This super-strong 422 grade stainless steel keyring has large, medium and small screwdrivers, a nail file, a finger nail cleaner, a bottle cap opener, a wire cutter and tweezers. You never know when or where you may need one these tools, like the wire cutters for defusing a bomb, and this keyring is a useful and hidden solution.



  • 8 tools in one
  • Tiny multi-tool hides surrounding one of your keys
  • Tools: Large, Medium and Small screwdrivers, Nail file, Finger nail cleaner, Bottle cap opener, Wire cutter, Tweezers
  • Crafted from super-strong 422 grade stainless steel
  • Keyring clip and fake key (for fun) included
  • Size: 1.97" x 0.79"

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