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Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton

Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton

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When you need to lift and carry heavy objects, don't just lift with your legs to avoid lower back strain and injuries, just strap on this cool new Muscle Suit Every from Japan instead. This wearable heavy-lifting exoskeleton uses pneumatic artificial muscle technology to effectively support your back, core, and thighs when lifting and transporting heavy loads. It doesn't use any motors, batteries, or electronics, just simple air pressure and features a lightweight, comfortable design. It's perfect for assisting with lifting heavy objects, shoveling snow, nursing care, farm work, warehouse jobs, construction, movers, deadlifting at the gym, and more. Unfortunately, you're still going to need an industrial, mecha-sized Power Loader if you plan on fighting off any ALIEN Queens.

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Mattress Genie - Inflatable Adjustable Bed Wedge
This inflatable bed wedge can incline a mattress up to 26 inches high and up to a 40 degree angle with just a press of a button.
Wine Wand - Removes Histamines and Sulfite Preservatives
Simply stir these wands in a glass of wine for a few minutes to effectively remove the histamines and sulfite preservatives that trigger wine sensitivities without changing the taste or aroma.
Withings - WiFi Body Scale
Stylish high-tech scale analyzes your weight, BMI, and fat mass and uploads the data wirelessly to a private website where you can track performance and monitor weight loss goals. It also includes an iPhone app and can even share data on Twitter, emails and more!
Cat Face Shield
Since humans are now all wearing masks, some properly, to protect themselves and others during this pandemic, it seems that cats can also now join in on this seemingly never-ending fun too by wearing this cool new Nyanmen Cat Face Shield from Japan.
Hot And Cold Eye Mask With Soothing Sounds
Give your eyes, mind, and senses a relaxing and soothing retreat.
Super Colon Blow Cereal
If you think you already spend too much time on the can staring at your phone... prepare yourself for the ultimate bowel movement!
Crazy Aaron's HyperColor - Color-Changing Foaming Hand Soap
This fun foaming hand soap uses Hypercolor technology to change colors from purple (watermelon scented), blue (wild berry scented), or green (apple scented) to white to indicate when the hands are thoroughly scrubbed and then it rinses away clear.
Scream-Absorbing Shouting Jar
When you feel the urgent need to scream, yell, shout, argue, cheer, or sing at the top of your lungs, spare others around you from the deafening noise when you unleash your rage into this cool new Anger Management Shouting Jar from Japan.
Zadro Nano - Handheld Germ-Eliminating UV Light Scanner
Are you a total germophobe around your co-workers at the office? Even at home? Well you should be, these nasty sick SOBs who never call in sick when they should are spreading their vile infectious diseases all over and if you're not careful, you could end up with a nasty cold or flu too!

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Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
Fan the flames, poke the logs, and rake the coals of your next hearth fire with this cool new multi-purpose fireplace tool that combines a bellows and a poker into one to make it safe and easy to keep a roaring fire going.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
A hardcore sledge hammer with an unbreakable handle and a highly visible green drop forged 46 HRC steel head designed to utterly demolish or unleash a pinpoint extreme driving force.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
This super handy paint brush has a slim, flat pad that slips onto a straight edge handle which allows you to quickly and easily paint behind notoriously difficult tight spaces like toilets, radiators, gutters, refrigerators, large cabinets, appliances, furniture, and other hard to move items up too close to the wall.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
This handy telescoping wand has a flexible magnetic head with bright LED illumination and a built-in HD camera that sends live video to an app on your phone.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
It's the 21st century, so of course there's now a little cleaning robot that clings to windows and glass and autonomously cleans and dries them for you.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
If you have fruit trees in your yard, don't settle for the low-hanging fruit, get the best ones higher up in the canopy when you snag them with this cool new Tree Fruit Picker.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
These ambidextrous sculptural scissors by designer Karim Rashid feature a unique lay-flat design with sharp, powerful blades crafted from Japanese stainless steel - cutting-edge, modern day Samurai office weaponry!
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
This handy one-handed inflatable air wedge acts as both a leveling tool and a pry bar that spans gaps between 3/32 inches and 2.5 inches all while supporting up to 300 lbs and doing it without scuffing or damage.
Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton
When you're out camping, hiking, biking, hunting or just have something against trees, be forever prepared to saw any wood in your way when you carry this cool new Pocket Chainsaw.

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