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Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton

Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton

Muscle Suit Every - Wearable Heavy-Lifting Exoskeleton

When you need to lift and carry heavy objects, don't just lift with your legs to avoid lower back strain and injuries, just strap on this cool new Muscle Suit Every from Japan instead. This wearable heavy-lifting exoskeleton uses pneumatic artificial muscle technology to effectively support your back, core, and thighs when lifting and transporting heavy loads. It doesn't use any motors, batteries, or electronics, just simple air pressure and features a lightweight, comfortable design. It's perfect for assisting with lifting heavy objects, shoveling snow, nursing care, farm work, warehouse jobs, construction, movers, deadlifting at the gym, and more. Unfortunately, you're still going to need an industrial, mecha-sized Power Loader if you plan on fighting off any ALIEN Queens.

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  • Lightweight wearable exoskeleton helps you lift and carry heavy objects
  • Heavy-lifting assistance technology
  • Comfortable to wear and use
  • No batteries or motors - only air pressure
  • Use the air pump at the waist to fill the suit with air and stabilize strength at your core where it is most effective
  • Affordable pneumatic artificial muscle technology
  • Simultaneously supports your back and thighs as you transport heavy loads
  • Perfect for commercial/industrial and domestic use
  • Suitable for lifting, farm work, shoveling snow, etc.
  • Soft fit model (for lighter lifting, easier to walk than the tight fit model)
  • Gravitational force: -25.5 kgf, 100 Nm
  • Actuator: McKibben Artificial Muscles
  • Water resistance: IP56

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