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Cordless Pre-Lit Mailbox Holiday Swag

Cordless Pre-Lit Mailbox Holiday Swag

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This Christmas season, after you've decorated every last square inch of your home, indoors and out... there's still a mailbox at the curb that could use some extra decorative holiday cheer as well. This cool new Mackinley Cordless Mailbox Swag is a festive pre-lit holiday swag for your mailbox that wraps it in lush greenery, red berries, frosted pinecones, twiggy tendrils, metallic ornaments, and 50 bright white battery-operated LED lights. Typically, Santa Claus delivers gifts under the Christmas tree and in stockings hung from the fireplace mantel, but this year he might just deliver an extra gift right inside your mailbox when this wondrous swag is on top of it.

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