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Silver Ball Ornaments Garland

Silver Ball Ornaments Garland

Silver Ball Ornaments Garland

This holiday season, decorate the mantel over your fireplace with something a bit more unique than the typical garland greenery with this cool new Silver Ball Ornaments Garland. This decorative gleaming garland is handmade with big and small silver ornament balls on bendable iron wire wrapped in peacock blue tape. Perfect for accenting doorways, stairways, mantels, Christmas trees, tabletops, and more. Hmm, I guess there's not too much to say here, except that they look kinda cool.

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  • Silver Ball Ornament Garland with Peacock Blue
  • Handmade gleaming silver balls bloom big and small on bendable wire garland wrapped in peacock blue tape
  • Iron wire with blue-green tape
  • Plastic balls with electroplated silver finish
  • String along the entryway, mantel, or table
  • Handmade
  • Size: 72" W x 6" D x 6" H

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