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Two Story Inflatable Reindeer

Two Story Inflatable Reindeer

Two Story Inflatable Reindeer

It's one thing to look out the window in the morning and see a playful deer scampering through the yard, it's quite another to see this massive Two Story Inflatable Reindeer staring back at you. This huge air-filled reindeer stands nearly 20' tall, has hooves the size of armchairs and is tall enough for a 6' person to walk underneath. It features a head that sways back and forth, five clear interior lights to make it light up the neighborhood at night and an integrated fan that inflates it in five minutes and maintains inflation throughout the holidays. I suggest getting eight of them, putting them on your roof and maybe an equally giant inflatable Santa will show up to guide his inflatable sleigh.

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  • Inflatable reindeer that stands nearly two stories tall
  • Underbelly is 6 1/4' above ground at the highest point, allowing guests to walk underneath
  • Each hoof is the size of an armchair
  • Head sways side-to-side to greet revelers scampering underfoot
  • Five clear interior lights that cast a festive, holiday glow
  • Integrated fan inflates the reindeer in five minutes and maintains inflation
  • Made of durable tear-resistant polyester
  • Includes stakes and tethers
  • Size: 18.5' H x 16.5' L x 10 1/2' W - 20 lbs

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