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Animated Climbing Santa Claus

Animated Climbing Santa Claus

Animated Climbing Santa Claus


This cool new Animated Climbing Santa Claus from WonderShop is a tall, bright red ladder that you place on the side of your Christmas tree and has a festive little Santa Claus that climbs up and down it carrying a string of colorful illuminated string lights all while Christmas music plays through Santa's gift sack. The only downside is that this animated Santa doesn't just go ahead and decorate the entire tree. Check out this VIDEO to see Santa in action.

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  • Animated, musical climbing Santa brings a unique and fun twist to your tree decor
  • Features a tall, bright red ladder with a classic Santa that climbs up and down
  • Santa carries a string of colorful lights to mimic decorating the tree
  • Plug in motor is concealed by a cute Santa bag for easy decorating
  • Also plays a 15 different Christmas tunes with a volume control
  • Brighten up everyone's festive spirits
  • Size: 42.3" H x 5.1" W x 13" D - 4.86 lbs

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