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Poo Emoji Silicone Cake Pan / Mold

Poo Emoji Silicone Cake Pan / Mold

Poo Emoji Silicone Cake Pan / Mold


This cool new and sort of disturbing Poo Emoji Silicone Cake Pan / Mold lets you make whimsical cartoon swirls of poo shaped like the infamous smiling emoji out of batter, melted candy, gelatin, ice cream, marshmallows, ice cubes, bath bombs, and more. It's perfect for baking up emoji poo-shaped cupcakes and brownies or use it as a mold for other desserts and crafts. It's made from nonstick, heat-resistant silicone and features six poo molds. As you're putting googly eyes on cupcakes shaped like piles of emoji poo with frosting... you may start questioning your path in life. 💩 💩 💩

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