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Nomskulls - Creepy Cupcake Molds

Nomskulls - Creepy Cupcake Molds

Just about everyone loves cupcakes and with these cool new Nomskulls Creepy Cupcake Molds, all the undead, brain-munching zombies wandering around the suburbs can enjoy them too. Just fill these human skull-shaped silicone molds with batter, bake and decorate the top with gooey, squiggly lines of brain-colored frosting. Unfortunately, these tasty macabre cupcakes may attract real zombies, but also make great diversions while you run for your life... Brains!!! Nom Nom Nom


  • Four stylish silicone skull molds
  • Fill with your favorite grey batter and bake into perfect cupcake craniums
  • Brainy frosting recipe is on the box
  • Size: 3.2" x 3.2" x 5"

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