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Baking Temperature Sticks

Baking Temperature Sticks

Baking Temperature Sticks

When you're not quite sure if your cake, brownies, quick breads, or cupcakes are done baking, forget sticking a toothpick in to gauge the doneness, just use one of these cool new Taylor Temp Rite Baking Thermometers instead. Just stick one of these accurate foolproof temperature sticks in for 10-15 seconds and when the tip changes from black to red, the interior has reached the ideal 200 degree temperature. If it stays black, back to the oven it goes. The set includes 15 food grade thermometer sticks that can be reused up to 10 tens each.

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  • Take the guesswork out of baking with these foolproof temperature sticks
  • Easy, accurate and fast way to confirm doneness of cake and quick bread
  • When you think your cake or quick bread is done, simply insert a stick in the center for 10–15 seconds
  • Tip changes from black to red when interior reaches 200°F, the ideal temperature for doneness
  • If the tip turns red, it is done
  • If the tip remains black, it needs more baking time
  • Food-grade plastic sticks are reusable up to 10 times
  • Set of 15 baking thermometers
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 4" long

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