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Temperature Sensitive Leaf Thermometers

Temperature Sensitive Leaf Thermometers

Temperature Sensitive Leaf Thermometers

If you're not looking for absolute pure precision in your temperature reading equipment, but would like to get an idea of it in a fun and creative way, then check out these cool new Leaf Thermometers from designer Hideyuki Kumagai. They may look like green tree leaves at 68-77° F, but these temperature sensitive paper versions turn brown when the room temperature gets colder and bright yellow when it gets warmer. They come in 2 sizes, large (5-pack) or small (8-pack) and are perfect for scattering around your home or office as functional decor or they recommend creating a wall mural of leaves to show the changing of the seasons.

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  • Designer: Hideyuki Kumagai
  • Looks exactly like a leaf, though it's made of temperature sensitive paper
  • Natural Green Color: 68-77° F (colder turns brown - hotter turns it bright yellow)
  • Scatter them around your home, stick them on a surface, or create a wall mural that changes with the seasons
  • Available in 2 sizes, large (5-pack) or small (8-pack)
  • Small: 1.7" x 4.4" each
  • Large: 2.6" x x 6.6" each

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