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BloemBagz Potato Planter

BloemBagz Potato Planter

BloemBagz Potato Planter

Love container gardening and potatoes at the same time? The cool new BloemBagz Potato Planter lets you easily grow any variety of potatoes you want right on your very own deck or patio - no field in Idaho required. This unique 9 gallon planter bag is constructed from double-layered breathable fabric to help promote the growth of secondary roots and has a handy Velcro side window flap that lets you just reach in and grab a tasty spud when it's time to harvest. It features sturdy handles if you need to move it around and since it's a tough fabric planter up above the ground, it will also help keep out weeds and animals. I've never had a homegrown potato and now I'm curious how much better they would taste.

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  • Double-layered breathable fabric to promotes growth of secondary roots
  • Velcro side window allows you to harvest your spuds beneath the soil one at a time
  • Keeps out the critters and the weeds
  • Sturdy handles for easy transport
  • Capacity: 9 Gallons
  • Made from 100% Recycled Materials
  • Size: 13.75" Diameter x 17.75" Height

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