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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters

Wall-Hugging Italian Planters

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These cool new Wall-Hugging Italian Planters are flat-backed, semi-circle-shaped planters made in Tuscany that sit flush up against a wall, fence, or other flat vertical surface to save valuable space. While they may look like they're made from terracotta, they're actually made from durable terracotta-colored resin, hold over 9 gallons of potting soil, and include a matching saucer. They're perfect for lining up along your home's exterior walls, porch / patio walls, or just placing two of them back-to-back to make a full pot when planting separate plants, flowers, or greenery... or just to see if anyone notices.

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Wrap Around Post Planter
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Dried Flowers Kaleidoscope
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Mist-N-Pour - Two-in-One Watering Can and Spray Bottle
An innovative two-in-one watering can and spray bottle that lets you conveniently water the soil and spray the foliage with a simple twist of the sprayer head.
Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor
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Upside-Down Tomato Garden
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Down Spout Planters
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Garden Strawberry Plants in Wire Basket
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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Wall-Hugging Italian Planters
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