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Frankenstein Pumpkin Shaping Mold

Frankenstein Pumpkin Shaping Mold

Frankenstein Pumpkin Shaping Mold


Tired of carving a goofy face into some poor pumpkin that you snatched from its patch in the middle of the night? Well, don't just carve a face into a pumpkin, grow the pumpkin into an actual head, a monster's head, with this cool new Frankenstein Pumpkin Shaping Mold. Yes, I know his name is Frankenstein's Monster and not Frankenstein, but I'm pretty sure he would have preferred the first name of Frankenstein over Igor or Frank or something. I mean he looks like a Frankenstein, so I say he should be called Frankenstein Frankenstein.

Anyways, to grow a Frankenstein pumpkin head of your own, there's no need for your humpbacked assistant to go dig up any dead bodies, just start growing a little pumpkin in an extra spooky pumpkin patch until it reaches a nice softball size. Then simply attach this transparent fruit shaping mold around it, wait for it to quickly grow and conform to the monstrous shape of mold, and, Voila! IT'S ALIVE!, a pumpkin pops out in the shape of Frankenstein's Monster named Frankenstein Frankenstein's head. Now if you decide to lobotomize your Franken-Pumpkin, scoop out his innards, carve holes where the eyes are, and shove a flaming candle into his head... it's now a Frank-O'-Lantern!

If this all sounds bit too silly, you can also make fun square pumpkins instead that will never try to roll away from you with this equally cool Square Pumpkin Mold. 🎃

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