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Mr. Bones - Lifesize Outdoor Skeleton

Mr. Bones - Lifesize Outdoor Skeleton

Mr. Bones - Lifesize Outdoor Skeleton

Halloween is a wonderful time to hang around with spooky skeletons, especially with Mr. Bones. This realistic lifesize skeleton may look like it was dug up and dragged from the grave to be put on display in or around your home this Halloween, but you'll have to pay for this one unless you have an eager to please humpbacked assistant with a shovel. This highly detailed posable skeleton prop can be set up to relax on your front porch or living room sofa, hidden in unsuspecting places like under the bed sheets or in the shower as a fun and frightening prank, or seated in the passenger side of your car to use the carpool lane. There's a ton of possibilities with this bony guy and he can be safely used indoors or out.

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