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Massive Skull and Bones Catacomb Archway

Massive Skull and Bones Catacomb Archway

Massive Skull and Bones Catacomb Archway

This Halloween, give all your (un)welcomed guests, candy-seeking trick-or-treaters, and crazed monsters, spirits, and slashers on the loose something creepy to pass under as they approach your haunted home's front door with this cool new yet quite ancient catacomb-inspired Skull and Bones Archway. This massive 7.5 ft tall Halloween archway looks like it's made from a huge, carefully-stacked pile of skulls and bones. Rather than use the bones from real corpses, this impressive graveyard prop uses skillfully sculpted and painted plastic instead that can withstand the spooky Autumn outdoor elements. It's perfect for walkways, haunted trail paths, haunted houses, Halloween parties, or just making a cemetery entrance way more interesting. Sure, you might get cursed, become demonically possessed, or pass out from fright when you pass under this spooky skeletal arch, but that makes it even more fun.

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