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Terrifying 8 Foot Tall Towering Reapers

Terrifying 8 Foot Tall Towering Reapers

Terrifying 8 Foot Tall Towering Reapers

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No matter whether it's the Halloween season, you need to pull a scary prank, or just want to scare away intruders off your property, then these cool new 8 Foot Tall Towering Reapers should do the trick. These massive and quite terrifying ghostly figures have sinister white glowing eyes, posable arms, and can be height adjusted up to 8 feet tall. Obviously, the more reapers you get the better. They're perfect for lining up along a fence looking over into your annoying neighbor's yard, hiding one in the closet or shower for family members to discover, placing them randomly behind trees... near a hiking trail, or just adding a bit of super creepy fright to your haunted home's Halloween decor, especially when paired with the even taller 12 Foot Tall Giant Skeleton Statue.


  • Flexible-height Halloween ghost figure
  • Adjusts up to an alarming 8 ft. tall
  • Eyes glow steady white
  • Posable arms
  • Built on sturdy iron pole with stand
  • Ghostly white, draped fabric; darkly shaded at head
  • Battery-operated for up to 180 hours
  • Includes three stakes to secure
  • Figure has no body; constructed on metal framework
  • Strategically place it amongst tall trees or even in an entryway with extended ceilings
  • Place several reapers at the edge of the forest... Terrifying.
  • Draped fabric with lighted eyes
  • Built on a telescoping pole for positioning at various heights
  • Indoor/outdoor use (please protect from elements)
  • Telescoping pole adjusts to a maximum height of 96"
  • Stand: 25-1/4" W
  • Size: 36"W x 12"D - 4 lbs

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