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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands

Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands

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Since we all decided at some point in history to carve terrifying faces into the bodies of poor little pumpkins after we snatched them from their families in the patch, scalped off the tops of their stemmed heads, and scooped out their internal organs, at least let's go all the way and give them new bodies instead of leaving them to rot on the cold front stoop.

Yep, these cool new Pumpkin People - Pumpkin Stands are four whimsical little Halloween figures that need your freshly-carved jack o' lanterns for heads. There's a skeleton, a witch, a grim reaper, and a scarecrow, all crafted from durable, weatherproof resin and then hand-painted. Just carve up a pumpkin, shove a lit candle in its mouth, and place it down on top of one of these little stands to give them some much needed personality. Now where's the obvious Headless Horseman version?

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These creepy two tone wax Halloween candles actually bleed and ooze red wax as the candle melts down.
Spooky Witch Cauldron Doormat
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Spooky Fogging Metal Cauldron on Stand
This spooky hammered metal witch's cauldron rests atop a matching metal stand and generates an eerie illuminated fog that slowly rolls over the cauldron's rim.
Inflatable Grim Reaper Illusion Costume
This double-take-inducing 3D inflatable Halloween costume creates the illusion that you are seemingly get abducted by the Grim Reaper Death himself.
Spooky Pumpkin Wine Bottle Stopper
A little pumpkin bottle stopper with a cork bottom for plugging up a bottle of unfinished wine.
Hand Curtain Tie-Back
This metal hand not only holds back curtains, it may also induce frightful double-takes as it seemingly reaches out from behind them.

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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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Pumpkin People - Whimsical Halloween Pumpkin Stands
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