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Grey Alien Statue

Grey Alien Statue

Grey Alien Statue

I find it unlikely that an extraterrestrial would travel untold light years in an advanced spaceship constructed of unimaginable materials and technologies beyond our comprehension and then crash it in the open desert. But are they out there? Well, now you can pretend they are before the actual alien invasion by placing this cool new yet quite ancient alien-inspired Design Toscano Grey Alien Statue somewhere where it is sure be spotted, but difficult to be abducted by humans. This little 4 foot tall humanoid Grey alien may look like it has come from another world to conquer, probe, and consume us all, but it's thankfully just a realistic statue made from high quality designer resin. It's perfect for backyards, gardens, home theaters, underground emergency bunkers, taking selfies with, hoaxes, and pranks... lots of pranks.

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