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Rocket Pop Popsicle Flavored Soda

Rocket Pop Popsicle Flavored Soda

Rocket Pop Popsicle Flavored Soda

Remember those old-fashioned hot summer days when you first heard the faintest musical notes coming from a nearby ice cream truck and you had to race around to find some money to buy a tasty frozen treat like a classic red, white, and blue Rocket Pop popsicle? Well, now you can skip the ice cream truck panic, sticky hands from a melting popsicle, and the sweltering heat when you crack open a can of this cool new yet quite nostalgia-inspired ‎Wild Bill's Rocket Pop Soda. Yep, this refreshing American-made fizzy soda is flavored just like a blue raspberry, lime, and cherry Rocket Pop popsicle, minus the colors and popsicle stick. Hmm, if you do use this for a cocktail mixer, you might want to pick up some actual popsicle sticks to use as stirrers.

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