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Coca-Cola Clear Lime

Coca-Cola Clear Lime

Coca-Cola Clear Lime


First came Crystal Pepsi, then came Coca-Cola Clear, and now transparent colas are going even further with this cool new Coca-Cola Clear Lime. This limited edition flavor from Japan to celebrate the new Emperor and the Reiwa (Beautiful Harmony) era may look clear, but it has the full Coca-Cola taste with a refreshing twist of fresh lime. Hmm, now they need to make a clear version of the infamous 1985 NEW Coke.

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  • Coca-Cola Clear Lime 6 Pack
  • Perfectly clear but with the full Coca-Cola taste and the fragrance of fresh lime
  • Exclusive flavor for Japan and the Reiwa ("Beautiful Harmony") era
  • Coca-Cola has created a unique variation of the classic Coca-Cola theme exclusively for Japan
  • Ingredients: High-fructose corn syrup, lime juice, carbonic acid, flavoring agents, caffeine

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