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Steel Cattail Garden Stakes

Steel Cattail Garden Stakes

Steel Cattail Garden Stakes

These cool new Steel Cattail Garden Stakes are handmade steel sculptures for a garden, yard, or backyard pond are in the shape of everyone's favorite wetland plant, the whimsical cattail AKA wild corndog or swamp sausage. These elegant steel cattail stakes are handmade by artisans in Neenah, Wisconsin from steel that will naturally oxidize over time adding to their beauty and come in three sizes. Best of all, these cattails don't explode.

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  • Artistic, handmade steel cattail garden stakes are elegant sculptures that set an evocative wetland scene in your yard
  • Instantly recognizable by their brown flower spikes, cattails have a striking, natural elegance
  • Hand-cut, bent, and welded into functional sculptures by artisans at a family-run business
  • They oxidize over time to a natural, rustic finish
  • Handmade in Neenah, Wisconsin USA
  • Standard: 9" L x 1" W x 24" H
  • Medium: 10" L x 1" W x 36" H
  • Large: 15" L x 1" W x 48" H

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