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Jaws Teeth - James Bond Prop Replica

Jaws Teeth - James Bond Prop Replica

Jaws Teeth - James Bond Prop Replica

I love Jaws, not the shark, but the massive, unstoppable henchman with the metal teeth who could bite through anything. Well, I now longer need to be employed by a ruthless super villain to have a set of Jaws Teeth of my very own.

Jaws' metallic chompers from the Roger Moore James Bond movies have been perfectly recreated in a limited edition set of 715 officially licensed prop replicas with a numbered plaque hand-signed by the actor, Richard Kiel. They're constructed from solid highly polished dental grade surgical steel alloy cast from the molds used to create the original prop. They come with a display stand, acrylic cover, certificate of authenticity, detailed prop story booklet and an optional "tram cable" section to bite on.

Hmm, now I just need Odd Job's razor sharp bowler hat, the Golden Gun, an evil cat and a secret lair to prepare for my next attempt at conquering the world!

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