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Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter

Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter

Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter

If your fern or other boring houseplant needs an exciting makeover, then scoop it up and transplant it into this cool new Giant Ice Cream Cone Planter from Rotary Planter where it's sure to get a confused double-take or two. This whimsical planter looks just like a gigantic ice cream cone that stands over two feet tall and makes any plants added to the top look like an unusual swirl of soft serve. Since it's made of durable plastic, it can be placed indoors or outdoors, but unfortunately may attract hungry ice cream loving giants.

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  • Designer: Rotary Planter
  • Shaped like a perfect yet oversized cake cone
  • Makes your favorite plants look like a perfect swirl of ice cream
  • Suitable for use inside and out
  • Plastic
  • Size: 8" Diameter x 25.5" H

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